Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13

Well, August cane real quick this year and the kids are back in school. I just can't seem to fit everything I need to do in before they get out of school. Lord willing we will be able to homeschool them next year. I have been doing some research with the help of some friends. I believe that it will all work out. 

I have also lost a total of about 30 pounds since I saw my doctor back at the end of May! That is super exciting to me. I am having to wear belts because I refuse to buy some new clothes, even from a thrift store, until absolutely necessary. 

I have been sewing on different projects. Working out the details for some rag pillow cases for this awesome young man at church! I really hope he likes them. I am also doing some rice bags for a friend that does Jamberry Nails! They are amazing, I can't wait to have a party and get a discount on some for me and the girls. 

I have also quit my job, however I am looking at doing some care giving. I am just waiting to hear from the company to see what I need to do next. I am real excited that I am not going to miss any Saturday church functions anymore! Won't miss the kids birthdays either it the chance to celebrate them! 

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