Monday, November 15, 2010


So, I haven't been posting a lot lately. There has been a lot going on in our family. Please pray for us and the decisions that we are beeing faced with making. I know that God has something great for our family and he is always in control.

My husband too Gabby to the Father Daughter Ball saturday night. TMCC puts it on every year in November.

This is her hair!! It was very beautiful. Naomi can't wait until next year when she can finally go :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today, my friend, Jennie, and I made the coolest sugar cookies. She really did most of the work :) My kids like thursdays now because they know that they are going to get cookies!! Next week it is snickerdoodles!! What are we making after that?? Stay tuned to find out .....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Good Walgreens Find

So, after putting my coupons away this morning from the sunday paper; I realized that I had another Nivea coupon that gives me $3 off two body washes. I decided to go back to Walgreens, since I still work there and get my discount, and get some for women. I got 8 bottles, 16.9oz, and the total was $6.24!! WOW!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unbelievable CVS story

So I went to CVS because I had a coupon for a free hand sanitizer spray pen. I looked around the store and found nothing else that I needed or wanted. Took the coupon and the pen to the register and the gal scanned my card, my bag card and the pen .... then she says do you want some gum or something? I said not really. She states that my total was -$0.40 ... so I got a dove candy bar that was on sale for $0.50 and only paid $0.11. CRAZY!!!

Birthday Wishes :)

I had a good time wishing my daughter, Gabby, Happy Birthday this morning!! Got her with the silly string and she loved it. She was born October 19,2002 in Napa, CA. I just love surprising the kids whenever I get the chance.

Fun at WalMart

This morning I had to get aa couple of things at the store. Decided to go to WalMart. This is what I got ....
2 Hungry Man dinners regularly $2.38; used a coupon for $2 off making them $0.38 each. 2 Quaker Oatmeal regularly $2.54; used a $2 off coupon making them $0.54 each. 2 Coffee Mate Creamer regularly $1.73; used a $1.50 off coupon and got them for $0.23 cents each. Subtotal was $13.30 minus my coupons, that brings us to $2.30!! Totally had a ggod time :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


Here is a bookmark that I made for a lovely young lady that I know. Thought that I would share it. It took me about 4 to 5 days to complete.

What can you get for $1.35

Went to Wealgreens and they have this on sale 2 for $5. Out of this sundays paper is a coupon for $3 off one. So I only paid $1.35 for all 7 of the Nivea for Men Body Wash 16.9oz size!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finding the Trueth

It is amazing what you will find when you read the Bible. I know that I will not make the 90 days and I am ok with that, but the things that I have found are amazing. Noah took 2 clean animals of each kind, male and female and he also took 7 unclean. I do not remember that in the stories that I learned. He needed to have a sacrifice for the Lord after they reached dry land. Wow, that was really rich. I am getting so much it is AMAZING :)

Cookie Thursday, YUMMY!!!

Good Afternoon to all my friends! I have started something with my friend, Jennie from Walgreens. We are baking cookies on thursdays. If you would like to submit a recipe, please join us for some fun :) Just let me know that you are coming. Have a great day everybody :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Starting a New Chapter

I have been through a lot over the last 4 weeks. One thing that gives me real comfort is the Bible. So I have decided to do a 90 day Bible read through. I am starting today, and the best part is that my hubby is going to do it with me!! Yeah!! I am really excited in what God has for me in his word these next few weeks. I will be sharing with you what has touched me. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Coupons at work

Okay, so I don't have pics yet. However, this is what i got yeaterday and today. Two boxes of Loorna Doons, 4 boxes of Nutter Butters, 2 boxes of Fig Newtons, That is a total of 8 boxes, all snack size for $3.40. They were on sale for $0.99 per box and then I had a coupon save$1.00 on two boxes and the store I went to I work at and got my employee discount as well. Then today I went to the store and got 12 Nivea lip products that were on sale for $1.00 and I just paid the tax of $0.93. I also purchased a big 25.4 oz bottle of Kootie Killer that usually goes for $3.99 for only $0.84. It was on sale for $0.99 and with employee brought it down :) Photos to come later today or tomorrow :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is the current project that I am working on. Just need to finish the chicken!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Todays Findings

I have started to cut coupons! I am really excited to get into a grove. It may take a few weeks but I will get the hang of it. I just ordered a subscription to All You for $21.50, I can't wait to get my first issue!
As well as couponing, I will be posting weekly cross stitch updates of projects that I have been working on.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A new begining

Good Morning,
This is a new start for me. My mom dies three weeks ago and my life was turned upside down. Today is the day to star anew. I am now starting to cut coupons and save money for my family. We are a family of 6 and things can get kinda tight sometimes. God gives me the strength to go on. I find a lot of comfort in his word. I also find laughter in my kids, they can be so funny :) We are on our wy to go get copies of the sunday paper. I can't wait to see what I can cut out. I will be busy later :)